Handmade and Reclaimed Tiles

Individuality, Character and Class
Are you looking for something special for the roof of your new home? Nothing is more unique and special as an individually handmade clay shingle roof or an elegantly aged reclaimed tiled roof.reclaimed-slate1mixed09-178

Handmade Clay Shingles

Choise Roofing is excited to present a brand new roofing product onto the Australian Market.  After seeking out a beautiful, high quality and value for money hand-made clay shingle, Choise Roofing has negotiated an agreement with their supplier in the Europe to make its handmade clay tiles available to Australia.

Each and every handmade clay shingle is different to the other creating a very beautiful irregular roof with a rustic charm that cannot be replicated by mass manufactured tiles. In this day and age, handmade anything can be beyond budget expectations, however, we have done all the research and negotiating for you to ensure the highest quality handmade clay shingles at the most reasonable price.

Choise Roofing is able to provide their expertise and experience within the specialised roofing industry to provide a very high standard of finish to your exact specifications.  All works undertaken by Choise Roofing are certified with a 7 year guarantee and a 25 year warranty on the handmade clay shingles is offered by our European Supplier.

Reclaimed Slate or Tiles (UK)

reclaim-slate2Beautiful and rustic, reclaimed tiles or slates are individual and unique in that they age in different ways due to factors such as the materials they are made of as well as the macro- and micro-climate of the roof. Reclaimed tiles are for when you want a roof that has the rustic charm already aged into it.

Choise Roofing use only the most reputable and best quality Reclaimed Slates and Tiles which are individually sourced and selected for each and every home ensuring you receive a roof to your exact specifications and of the highest quality. We have developed a strong relationship with our direct suppliers in Europe who certify all their reclaimed materials with a 7 year warranty.  Add to this the 7 year guarantee on all works carried out by Choise Roofing you have peace of mind that you are receiving quality.