Spanish and Welsh Slate

Not all Slate Roofs are Created Equal
In order to ensure that you get the best quality slate roof there are various aspects which need to be considered before purchasing your roof.  Some of those are the selection of a good quality and skilled contractor, the type and quality of the slate you would like and the standard of finish you would like.


Specialised Skills
Choise Roofing is a business which specialises in Slate Roof importation and installation with years of experience, unlike other roofing companies who supply roofing services and are not aware of the finer aspects of working with slate.  This ensures that your roof installed by Choise Roofing will maximise the beauty of your slate roof and home for decades to come.

Choise Roofing is founded and hands-on-managed by Hallam Whittle.  He was born in England and is trained in the art of traditional English roof slating in England at the start of his career.  He subsequently migrated to Australia bringing his specialised skill set with him over 30 years ago.  He still follows his teaching but has also kept up-to-date with current building trends and technology ensuring outstanding quality and modern roofs.  Hallam is now sharing his skills with his long term team of staff.

welshslate2Quality Slate
When deciding on which slate to install on your home it is important to keep in mind that not all slate is created equal.  Depending on where your slate is sourced from changes the composition of the actual slates. The composition of the slate will affect the final look of the roof, the life expectancy and the process of the aging. Beware of cheap slate with higher levels of pyrite as this element will cause the slate to ‘rust’ and discolour quickly after installation reducing the beauty of the roof.

Choise Roofing use only the most reputable and best quality Welsh Slates which are individually sourced and selected for each and every home ensuring you receive a roof to your exact specifications and of the highest quality. We have developed a strong relationship with our direct supplier in the UK who certify all their slate products with a 50 year warranty.  Add to this the 7 year guarantee on all works carried out by Choise Roofing you have peace of mind that you are receiving quality.

Attention to Detail
Once you have decided to install a slate roof on your home there are different levels of quality and detail to your roof.  All accessories (down pipes, gutters, caps, ridges, fixing nails, etc) can be as opulent or as simple as you choose.  Would you like traditional copper finishes or the simplicity of finishes in modern Colourbond™? Choise Roofing has years of experience in finishing quality and beautiful roofs and is on hand to guide you through the decision process and/or to deliver to your exact specifications. The finishing touches and attention to detail can make the difference between a good looking roof and a great looking roof.

  • Non combustible
  • Waterproof
  • Natural – minimum manufacturing
  • Beautiful aging qualities in good quality slate
  • Beautiful and textural
  • Little to no maintenance cost
  • Resists climatic changes
  • Long life expectancy
  • Accidental breakage are easily replace